Sierra Quilt Guild 
              of Tuolumne County
Quilt Show Appraiser for the 2012 Show – Becky Rogers
Becky is a current AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, she is a member of AQSG, PAAQT and AQS.  She has taught and lectured for 32 years and she has been a judge for quilt entries in the Santa Barbara County Fair as well as the Challenge Quilts for the Calif. Mid-State Fair.  She has completed the American Quilter’s Society courses for Appraisal Certification in Insurance Appraisals, Fair Market and Donation Appraisals and Dating Fabrics.  The fee is $40 for a certified written appraisal and $20 for a verbal evaluation.  A Quilt Appraisal Registration Form must be filled out prior to your appointment. See the Appraisal Form.pdf link below.

Why Should I Have My Quilt Appraised?

Many people do not realize that their quilts have a value.  Whether they’re old or new, they have a value.  The value is arrived at through many different ways, but first and foremost, is the condition of the quilt.  If the quilt is an antique, but still in excellent condition, it can have a high value to replace it, should anything happen to it.  Insurance companies will look at the certified appraisal to see the replacement value.  While the value is most often based on an “Insurance Replacement Value”, there are also “Fair Market” appraisals available if you want to sell the quilt.  Newly made quilts are generally appraised based on time and materials.  An appraiser will look into how much you would have to pay someone to reproduce your quilt if something were to happen to it.

Appraisal Form.pdf